Welcome to Get It Local Today!

Get It Local Today is an industry-wide initiative coordinated by Covenant Group and Parable Group and supported by dozens of Christian retail vendors, suppliers and members. The objective of Get It Local Today is to assist Christian retail shoppers in finding product that they're looking for locally – in a Christian retail store near them. Our network of participating retailers are our most valuable partners in this project. Without a viable network of Christian stores to supply customers with the products they're searching for, this service is not able to service customers nationwide. We would love to add YOUR store to our growing network of stores supporting the Get It Local Today program.

How does Get It Local Today Work?

  1. Customers searching for products on vendor websites or other informational websites choose the Get It Local Today buy link (as opposed to Amazon, B&N.com, etc) to find the product they're looking for in their local Christian retail store.
  2. Customers are automatically directed to a product landing page on Get It Local Today where they can easily search our network of participating retailers and find one near them that has the product available for purchase!
  3. The customer will then enter their request to pick the item up in your store. Get It Local Today will notify your store contact via email when a customer chooses to reserve the product with your store.
  4. Once you have received a customer request, you will gather their products and click a link in the Get It Local Today notification confirming that the order is ready for pickup. Get It Local Today will notify the customer by text or email that their order is being held for them in your store for pick-up.
  5. This program offers the potential to send a customer that would otherwise purchase from a competitive online retailer into your store instead – to pick up their order, complete their purchase, and hopefully be exposed to other great Christian product in the process!. The proceeds from all in-store pick-up sales are 100% yours with no margin sharing. If the product was advertised at a discount on Get It Local Today, this will be a margin-protected post-sale credit managed through The Parable Group, ensuring your normal trade margin on the discounted purchase.

Why should my store participate in Get It Local Today?

Brick and mortar stores are in a constant battle with online retail giants such as Amazon, B&N.com and ChristianBook.com. Christian Publishers and other vendors want to support brick and mortar stores, but there hasn't been a feasible way for them to deliver customers to Christian retail stores – until now! Get It Local Today fills that void and we will help customers local to your store discover your store and choose your store for purchases over online competitors. The driving force behind this choice is the availability of products for nearby and immediate pick up.

The goal of this program is not just to sell products. Our aim is to deliver new customers to your store, who will hopefully return after they receive excellent customer service from you on their pick-up request! In addition, once a customer visits your store, you have an opportunity to upsell other products and services and to convert that "new customer" into a "returning customer". The benefits of this program to your store run far deeper than simply making a one-time sale.

What does it cost my store to be listed on Get It Local Today?

That may be the best news: this service costs you nothing! Your investment is to enroll your store (below), and then provide excellent customer service to any customers we send your way. The entire cost of this program is funded by the Parable Group and the Covenant Group – and of course all our cooperating publishers!

When will Get It Local Today launch?

Our target goal for launch is to have a minimum of 400 Christian retailers enrolled and making their inventory data available through this site. The sooner we can reach this goal, the quicker we can start publicizing YOUR store to customers that otherwise may well have passed you by otherwise. Don't delay, enroll today, and help us encourage your fellow Christian retailers to join as well!

How can I join Get It Local Today?

We're glad you asked! Click below to begin our online enrollment process. If you have all the needed information available, it should only take a few minutes to complete and it's FREE! We just need to collect some basic information about your store and provide information about how to get started submitting inventory data to us! If you have multiple stores you will need to enroll each store individually!

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