Rouse the Warriors

author: Steve Uppal

binding: Paperback / softback

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All over the world God is speaking to His church and entreating believers to rise up, take their rightful place, and be all that He has called them to be. A timely invitation to action, this book seeks to stir Christians to find their role in God's plan and engage with His purposes. It equips and empowers an end-time army for the battles that lie ahead.

Steve Uppal asserts that many in the body of Christ are functioning well below their potential because they are "wounded warriors" who were once energetic in spreading God's kingdom but have now backed off. Help is here for those who want to return to service and see God's will accomplished in every nation.

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Steve Uppal
Instant Apostle
Steve Uppal

Rouse the Warriors

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List Price: $16.99

Rouse the Warriors

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List Price: $16.99