Eden Undone

author: Anna Lindsay

binding: Paperback / softback

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What if Eve had said, "No?" What if another had taken the fruit and only half of humanity had fallen?

A breath-taking vision of the heart of God and humankinds' unbroken relationship with Him in the Garden of Eden.

When Eve rejects the serpent's temptation, all of creation breathes a sigh of relief, but years later another is asked the same question and their answer will tear Paradise apart. How will the fallen relate to the unfallen? And how will God treat those who have spurned His perfect will?

A magnificent story of sin and grace, relationship and rupture, which reveals the beauty of God and the misery of life lived apart from Him. But always there is the promise of redemption!

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Anna Lindsay
Instant Apostle
Anna Lindsay

Eden Undone

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List Price: $16.99

Eden Undone

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List Price: $16.99