The CEB Super Giant Print Bible

author: Common English Bible

binding: Hardback

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The CEB Super Giant Print Bible is the ideal size for a pulpit or lectern. It may also be used by readers needing large, 16-point type type. This hardcover is wrapped with black leather-like material for increased durability. An elegant silver-foil embossing of the words “Holy Bible” completes the package.

The Common English Bible, with its comfortable-to-read-out-loud translation, is the perfect choice for worship.

The CEB was built on the assembled knowledge of a diverse, cross-denominational group of men and women, 120 biblical scholars translating directly from the original ancient texts—not revising tradition or inserting church doctrine. Exhaustive attention has been paid to ensure the work is impeccably balanced and rich in context. With its refreshingly approachable language, the CEB sets readers on a path to new understanding.

Key Features:

  • 16 point type
  • Presentation page
  • Comfortable two-column setting with black letter text
  • In-text subject headings
  • Translation footnotes


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Common English Bible
Common English Bible
Common English Bible

The CEB Super Giant Print Bible

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List Price: $89.99

The CEB Super Giant Print Bible

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Stock report: 4 on hand
List Price: $89.99