The CEB Navigation Bible - Hardcover

author: Common English Bible

binding: Hardback

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The CEB Navigation Bible is an easy introduction to the challenging world of the Bible. From a guide to looking up passages to a dictionary of terms, it has everything a person who is new to the Bible needs to quickly become comfortable exploring this ancient book and start growing in faith.

Ideal for many readers including Bible study leaders, new believers, and young people.

Available in two bindings: a graphic hardcover for repeated use, such as in a classroom, and a beautiful dark blue for those wanting a finer cover.

Key Features:
•    Brief introductions to each book of the Bible, complete with main characters, places, and memorable passages
•    Notes that are factual, devotional, and inspirational
•    List of favorite Bible stories and passages (with page numbers)
•    16 maps with index
•    Dictionary of Bible terms
•    Guide to using a Bible
•    Reading plans (with page numbers)

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Common English Bible
Common English Bible
Common English Bible

The CEB Navigation Bible - Hardcover

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List Price: $26.99

The CEB Navigation Bible - Hardcover

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List Price: $26.99