This Is How We Pray

author: Adam Dressler

binding: Hardback

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Prayer is about relationship. And more important, it's about friendship with God.

THIS IS HOW WE PRAY departs from other works on prayer in that it does not overwhelm the reader with technical knowledge, nor does it prescribe particular devotional practices. Instead, this book offers a unique and needed perspective on prayer, inviting you into a more intimate friendship with God.

Through personal anecdotes, biblical stories, ancient wisdom, and modern insights from spiritual writers, interior designers, and even cooking documentaries, this book looks at how we feel when we try to connect to God through prayer. And how these feelings can direct us towards a more intimate and satisfying life of prayer.

God meets us where we are, in the midst of our everyday feelings, struggles, and weaknesses. THIS IS HOW WE PRAY is an invitation to experience fuller communion with Him-more peace, more serenity, and more assurance through your prayers.
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Adam Dressler
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Adam Dressler

This Is How We Pray

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List Price: $20.00

This Is How We Pray

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Stock report: 63 on hand
List Price: $20.00