If You Know Who You Are, You Will Know What to Do

author: Ronald J. Greer

binding: Paperback / softback

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This volume offers a timely look at the important topic of integrity. What does integrity mean? What does it involve? How do we "do" integrity?


Drawing on his experience as a Christian, a minister, and a pastoral counselor, Ronald J. Greer explores the two sides of integrity: personal integrity and moral integrity. Personal integrity involves an integrated life, where we are in harmony with ourselves, while moral integrity reflects the evolution of the word, as the idea of morality and ethics merged with the concept of wholeness


Perfect for the graduate or as a gift for anyone at a key turning point in their lives, this small book provides the insight and guidelines that will become the touchstones for a good, well-lived life.

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Publication Date:
Ronald J. Greer
Abingdon Press
Ronald J. Greer

If You Know Who You Are, You Will Know What to Do

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List Price: $14.99

If You Know Who You Are, You Will Know What to Do

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List Price: $14.99