Holy Love

author: Steve Harper

binding: Paperback / softback

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Do conservatives or progressives “own” the teachings about what the Bible says about human sexuality and marriage?  For some—perhaps a vocal minority—the question is no longer up for debate or discussion: conservatives win.  For others, the issues are not that simple. A fresh, rigorous, but yet concise, theological examination of the Bible’s teachings is required. There are other ways to interpret scripture faithfully with respect to sexuality other than the conservative interpretation.

In Holy Love, Steve Harper strives to articulate the truth about the teachings of the Bible and Wesleyan tradition on human sexuality. This very accessible book is intended for church leaders, small groups, and those interested in understanding the Bible’s teaching on this fundamental component of human life, experience and relationships. The book will help church leaders and small groups make the constructive case that biblical, Christian teaching is compatible with faithful, covenantal love and intimacy amidst all sexual orientations.

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Steve Harper
Abingdon Press
Steve Harper

Holy Love

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List Price: $13.99

Holy Love

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