Stride Participant Book

author: Mike Schreiner

binding: Paperback / softback

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This workbook is intended for small group study participants working through Stride: Creating a Discipleship Pathway for Your Church (ISBN: 9781501849220), which shows church leaders how to create a discipleship pathway for their own congregation. The process leads to a church full of deeply committed Christians. This workbook focuses on the work individual leaders must do to create their own, individual discipleship pathway in order to support a church-wide effort.  

Christians are called to be disciples. While some definitions of the word disciple mean learner or student, as followers of Christ, we are called to do more than just learn. We are called to put our learning into action. This small group study focuses on tangible ways each of us, no matter where we find ourselves currently on our Spiritual journey, can intentionally take steps and strides closer to Jesus.

The authors developed and launched a highly successful pathway to discipleship in their church (Morning Star United Methodist Church, St. Louis, Missouri). This workbook guides others through the process of creating a successful discipleship pathway for their own particular contexts, based on principles developed at Morning Star.

The Stride Participant Book is organized into nine sessions, with spiritually-rooted content for instruction and study, application exercises, and questions for reflection and discussion.  The nine sessions are as follows:

  1. Introduction & Discipleship Overview
  2. Spiritual Discipline of Prayer
  3. Spiritual Discipline of Scripture
  4. Spiritual Discipline of Serving
  5. Spiritual Discipline of Generosity
  6. Spiritual Discipline of Worship
  7. Spiritual Discipline of Sabbath
  8. Spiritual Discipline of Community
  9. Spiritual Discipline of Witness
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Publication Date:
Mike Schreiner
Ken Willard
Abingdon Press
Mike Schreiner
Ken Willard

Stride Participant Book

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Stride Participant Book

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