What Every Christian Needs to Know About Judaism

author: Rabbi Evan Moffic

binding: Paperback / softback

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Explore the wisdom and traditions of the Jewish faith and examine what they mean for Christians.

When Christians learn about Jewish tradition and history, they see the Bible and the life of Jesus with a new and enriched perspective. Knowing more about Judaism brings them closer to Jesus because Jesus lived and died as a Jew and consistently quoted the Jewish scripture and stories.

In this book Evan Moffic, popular rabbi, author, and guide to Jewish wisdom for people of all faiths, continues the What Every Christian Needs to Know About series with an exploration of the wisdom and traditions of Judaism. Rabbi Moffic provides answers to hundreds of questions he receives about Judaism to provide a deeper understanding of the roots shared by Christians and Jews.

Through this book’s explorations, readers will learn insights of the great Jewish sages to live a richer and more meaningful life, soak up the wisdom and traditions of Judaism,  and a develop closer relationship with God.

“My hope is that these teachings can serve as a way of fostering bonds focused not on the past and the troubled history between Jews and Christians, but rather one looking forward to a future in which we share wisdom with one another.”

 – Rabbi Evan Moffic

Product Features:

  • A popular rabbi explores Jewish wisdom and traditions for Christian readers.
  • Topics explored include: Jewish texts, holidays and events, and spiritual life, and others.
  • Highlights intersections of the Jewish and Christian faith that give deeper meaning to reading the Bible.

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Publication Date:
Rabbi Evan Moffic
Abingdon Press
Rabbi Evan Moffic

What Every Christian Needs to Know About Judaism

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List Price: $18.99

What Every Christian Needs to Know About Judaism

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