Holding Up Your Corner Participant Book

author: F. Willis Johnson

binding: Paperback / softback

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Holding Up Your Corner: Guided Conversations About Race is a unique, conversation-based experience that pastors facilitate for their communities.

The resource includes everything pastors need to organize, host, and lead the events:
- a one- or two-day Conversation, hosted by the church, including people from the congregation and the wider community
- people from various backgrounds gather for large-group presentations and small-group discussions
- includes multiple video Conversation Starters from pastors and others across the US who share their own experiences, fears, and realizations about race
- face to face conversations lead to radically new understanding
- each community determines the outcomes of their own Conversations, which may include new relationships and ministries in the community

The Promise for Participants:
Our lives change when we sit with one another and converse. When we share our own stories and listen to another. Real, honest, vulnerable conversation leads to empathy. It fosters our understanding and sharpens our convictions. It breaks down barriers and builds surprising new relationships. Conversation leads to change.
Gather with diverse people from your community for a series of guided conversations that will empower you individually and together to embody God's promises of hope and justice for all.

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Publication Date:
Holding Up Your Corner series
F. Willis Johnson
Abingdon Press
Holding Up Your Corner series
F. Willis Johnson

Holding Up Your Corner Participant Book

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List Price: $9.99

Holding Up Your Corner Participant Book

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List Price: $9.99