Broken and Blessed - Women's Bible Study DVD

author: Jessica LaGrone

binding: DVD video

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Broken and Blessed is a six-week study that traces the story of the Genesis family from Adam and Eve through the generations to Joseph, bringing blessing from brokenness. We will see that despite both good and bad traits that were passed down, God worked for good in every generation—determined to transform those within and outside the family bloodlines. The study ends with the story of Joseph, who decided to stop the cycle of previous generations, offering forgiveness and grace to his brothers.

Through these stories of Genesis, New Testament teaching about family, and stories of contemporary families changed and used by God, this study shows us how God can use our own imperfect families to bring blessing in a hurting and broken world.

The DVD contains six video segments featuring Jessica LaGrone's teaching for use during the group sessions, plus a bonus introductory video. 

Introduction: Blessed to Be a Blessing (16:10)
1. Adam and Eve (27:10)
2. Abraham and Sarah (25:42)
3. Isaac and Rebekah (25:13)
4. Jacob and Esau (26:38)
5. Rachel and Leah (27:37)
6. Joseph and His Brothers (25:06)

All video sessions are closed captioned.

Other components for the Bible study, available separately, include a Participant Workbook, Leader Guide, DVD with six 25-27 minute sessions featuring closed captioning, and boxed Leader Kit.

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Broken and Blessed
Jessica LaGrone
Abingdon Press
Broken and Blessed
Jessica LaGrone

Broken and Blessed - Women's Bible Study DVD

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Broken and Blessed - Women's Bible Study DVD

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List Price: $49.99