Growing Love in Christian Marriage Third Edition - Pastor's Manual

author: Jane P. Ives

binding: Paperback / softback

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This resource is ideal for clergy to use during pre-wedding counseling sessions.  Pastor's Manual includes guidelines for mentoring couples. will help couples learn more about themselves and their future spouse and address potential problem areas before, rather than after, the wedding.  This official United Methodist resource includes worksheets to be completed by each person, Scripture references about marriage, and interactive exercises.  For use with couples of all ages, whether they are entering their first marriage or remarrying. A pack of two (identical) books, Growing Love in Christian Marriage Couples Manual is also available for purchase.  Pastors can present this resource to the couples for personal use  during the counseling sessions.

Includes everything you need to have a comprehensive marriage ministry:
The Ministry of Marriage Preparation
The Pastor's Role (expectations and perceptions; coaching and problem solving; experiences and attitudes)
Theological Perspectives (personal responsibility and christian community; God's purposes for marriage; divorce and remarriage; marriage as vocation and covenant)
Basic Goals for Marriage Preparation Ministries (religion, money, and sex; communication skills)

Working with Couples
First Session (wedding details, assessing the couple's preparation for marriage)
Sessions with Individuals (premarital questionnaire responses, surfacing potential disagreements)
Additional Sessions (finalizing wedding plans)
Nurturing Marital Growth After the Wedding
Mentor Couples (selecting and recruiting mentor couples; leadership team; training mentor couples)
Marriage Preparation in Groups
Comprehensive Marriage Ministries (relationship education for children, youth, and young adults; enrichment opportunities for married couples; support for couples in crisis) 

Additional Info
Publication Date:
Jane P. Ives
S. Clifton Ives
Abingdon Press
Jane P. Ives
S. Clifton Ives

Growing Love in Christian Marriage Third Edition - Pastor's Manual

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Growing Love in Christian Marriage Third Edition - Pastor's Manual

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List Price: $14.99