The Letters of Dr. Thomas Coke

author: John A. Vickers

binding: Paperback / softback

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For forty years on either side of the death of John Wesley in 1791, Thomas Coke was a key figure in the development of Methodism on both sides of the Atlantic. His surviving correspondence is the most personal evidence he has left us of a man who “wore his heart on his sleeve.” Coke's letters also give us contemporary insight into some of the events which began the transformation of an evangelical movement into a worldwide communion of Churches.   

This critical edition gives a comparison to earlier editions, as well as references to names and locations for historical study. 

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John A. Vickers
Kingswood Books
John A. Vickers

The Letters of Dr. Thomas Coke

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List Price: $89.99

The Letters of Dr. Thomas Coke

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List Price: $89.99