Building on the Rock

author: Peter Maiden

binding: Paperback / softback

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How should we define our identity as Christians? In contrast, how do we actually define ourselves, usually? So many Christians struggle because they find their identity and self-worth in things that are ultimately unworthy and utterly unstable.

In contrast, Peter Maiden says, “All of God is in Christ and when Christ is in you, there is absolutely no need for anything additional. We have all that we need to thrive as Christians, to enjoy God and the life He has won for us through His Son.” If we know our identity, then our need to be noticed, to build our lives on things that will not last--all that is gone.

Peter has written this book both to challenge and comfort you.

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Peter Maiden
Lion Hudson
Peter Maiden

Building on the Rock

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List Price: $12.99

Building on the Rock

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List Price: $12.99