Set Me on Fire

author: Malcolm Macdonald

binding: Paperback / softback

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What it means to be filled with the fire of God, as the believers were at Pentecost Most Christians have, deep within them, a hunger for a more authentic and fulfilling experience of God. Set Me on Fire examines what it means to be filled with the fire of God, as the believers were at Pentecost. For over 20 years Malcolm Macdonald has been thinking about, studying, and teaching on this subject. Set Me On Fire is aimed at people who have a sense of spiritual hunger and desire for revival, but are not sure what this means, or how to get there. It uses the theme of the fire of God across scripture to paint a picture of what it looks like to be on fire for God. Author Malcolm Macdonald covers themes such as holiness, revival, mission, God’s presence, prayer, intimacy with God and suffering He helps readers to grasp the challenges of seeking to be a radical disciple, along the way offering personal reflections from his own journey.

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Malcolm Macdonald
Lion Hudson
Malcolm Macdonald

Set Me on Fire

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Set Me on Fire

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List Price: $12.99