God's Unwelcome Recovery

author: Sean Oliver-Dee

binding: Paperback / softback

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It’s time to challenge the myth of a dying church
There is a disconnect between the official accounts being peddled in political and media circles telling us that Christianity is on the decline in the West versus the reality of church growth on the ground. Why are such different pictures being painted? Sean Oliver-Dee suggests that the disconnect is deliberate. While setting the record straight on church growth, he exposes the social and political agenda that underpins the narrative of the death of faith.
Author Oliver-Dee proposes that the growth of the church is not being acknowledged because it contradicts three myths that the new establishment wants to assert: first, the gradual death of religion is a good excuse to ignore the views of Christians on public matters; second, encouraging Christianity to die would benefit society because religion is perceived as a primary cause of world violence; and third, there is a trajectory of progress focused around scientific enlightenment, which necessitates the death of faith.
God’s Unwelcome Recovery reveals how the enduring nature and recent growth of the church runs contrary to all three assertions.

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Sean Oliver-Dee
Lion Hudson
Sean Oliver-Dee

God's Unwelcome Recovery

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God's Unwelcome Recovery

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