Where Is God at Work?

author: William Morris

binding: Paperback / softback

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An ordained minister and senior executive reflects on the challenges and opportunities afforded to Christians in the workplace
Not every workplace is a nice or godly—much less fulfilling—environment. Yours may include a tyrannical boss, tedious work, or unforgiving hours. Or all three. Although you know that God cares about all aspects of your life, including work, and you know that God is as present at the jobsite as he is in church or anywhere else, you may struggle to feel God’s presence there.
Author Will Morris encourages readers to think through the calling to be a Christian in the workplace and challenges them to see what God is doing and to work with Him. As you open yourself to the possibilities, you may do more than feel God’s presence at work. You may see Him working for you and through you, even in the form of a volatile boss, annoying colleagues, an ethical dilemma, or a pink slip. Wonderfully thoughtful, positive, and practical, Where Is God at Work? is filled with observations and anecdotes from the author’s own career in a demanding business world.

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William Morris
Lion Hudson
William Morris

Where Is God at Work?

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List Price: $16.99

Where Is God at Work?

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List Price: $16.99