True Scientists, True Faith

author: R. J. Berry

binding: Paperback / softback

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Twenty of the world’s leading scientists explain how their science enhances their faith and their faith undergirds their science

Many atheistic campaigners continue to stress that science and faith are incompatible. The distinguished contributors to this enlightening volume refute this. In this revised and expanded edition of Real Scientists, Real Faith eminent scientists from a variety of disciplines provide their own accounts of how their science and their personal faith intersect. They come from a range of Christian backgrounds, but all are orthodox believers.

Contributors include: Joan Centrella, astronomer; Francis Collins, human genome project; scientist Bob White, professor of geophysics, University of Cambridge; Alister McGrath, professor of science and theology at Oxford University; and molecular biologist Wilson Poon, professor of physics, University of Edinburgh. True Scientists, True Faith combines selected essays from two preceding volumes, Real Science, Real Faith and Real Scientists, Real Faith, with new contributions from another five eminent scientists.

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R. J. Berry
Lion Hudson
R. J. Berry

True Scientists, True Faith

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True Scientists, True Faith

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