Choose Life

author: Simon Guillebaud

binding: Paperback / softback

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This unique set of daily readings from best-selling author Simon Guillebaud encourages the reader to live the Christian life without compromise and without restraint; to live on full throttle and with utter abandon to Christ.

Simon Guillebaud has lived in Burundi since his early twenties where he took such unimaginable risks that he didn't expect to live to the age of thirty. Yet he saw, and continues to see, miraculous results time and again as he works tirelessly for the salvation, peace, and prosperity of the country he loves and daily gives his life for.

Burundi is a place where choices are vivid, stark, and sometimes deadly. It is a frontline state between a fragile  government and a variety of guerrillas; between Christianity and militant Islam; between the spiritual forces of light and the repressive power of the local witchdoctors.

It is in this context that Simon Guillebaud has learned the lessons he shares in this volume. Succinct and engaging, these daily readings cover a separate topic every day. The range is striking and profound as Simon shares what he has learned through the counsel of the Holy Spirit. Those who engage with this unique devotional will be challenged and ultimately changed.

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Simon Guillebaud
Lion Hudson
Simon Guillebaud

Choose Life

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Choose Life

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