Broken Works Best

author: Catherine Campbell

binding: Paperback / softback

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Seeing God's hand even in bleak circumstances: a book designed to inform and comfort This is a practical and inspirational approach to the problem of pain. It considers how we can not only survive the personal disasters of life, but see God working in us—not just despite the tough times, but through them. Catherine has been a nurse; she has also been the mother of two handicapped daughters, who died at 10 and 13. She has walked the dark road, and knows the dangers to the soul. Accordingly, she addresses squarely the issues thrown up by suffering—issues such as anger at God; getting matters out of proportion; the question of fairness; dealing with the roots of bitterness that sap your spiritual strength. She encourages us to see that God walks with us through the valley, and is bigger than every challenge.

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Catherine Campbell
Lion Hudson
Catherine Campbell

Broken Works Best

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List Price: $12.99

Broken Works Best

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List Price: $12.99