The Espresso Bible

author: David Winter

binding: Paperback / softback

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Experienced author, broadcaster, and Bible commentator David Winter presents readers with the “essential” passages of the Bible in this compact little book. He also supplements his choices with introductory material and explains the importance of each passage. This brisk and informative format enables readers to digest the Bible in condensed form while still giving an understanding of the Bible's story and overarching themes. Unlike the recently published 100 Minute Bible, Winter's Espresso Bible uses actual Scripture taken from the NIV translation of the Bible rather than simplified summaries of passages. This is an excellent book for busy Christians and new believers who view reading the Bible word-for-word as an overwhelming task.

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David Winter
Lion Hudson
David Winter

The Espresso Bible

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List Price: $7.95

The Espresso Bible

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List Price: $7.95