Missionary Mom

author: Shontell Brewer


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Mission work isn't for the faint of heart. Neither is being a mom.

When you see Christians who are called to be missionaries changing the world soul by soul, staying at home doing day-to-day parenting can feel like you're stuck in an uninspiring life. Mom, don't despair: you have your own sacred calling to a mission field of vital importance—your children.

Moms and mission workers have more in common than you may think: A missionary may need to learn a foreign language and new customs to understand and communicate with those around her. A missionary has to follow the path God puts before her, sacrificing sleep, comfort, time, and toilets. Sound like any moms you know?

In her informal, funny voice, Shontell Brewer tackles everything from mom guilt to the temptation to be a martyr to those days when it feels like only a box of cookies and a Netflix binge can restore your sense of peace. But she'll also help you understand the truth that there's more to parenting than potty training and dentist appointments. With determination and a few purposeful steps, you can embrace your holy calling to lead your family—their hearts, souls, minds, and strength—to Christ.

“Packed with practical advice, woven with Scripture, and seasoned with belly laugh–inducing humor, this book is a delight to read.”
—Jennifer Marshall Bleakley, author of Joey

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Shontell Brewer
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Shontell Brewer

Missionary Mom

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Missionary Mom

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