Paradigms in Conflict

author: Keith Eitel


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Drawing from Scripture, social sciences, and history, David J. Hesselgrave tackles the most pressing issues facing missionaries today.

The author and contributors show how theological issues have real impact on missions, and they present arguments on both sides of the fifteen subjects of debate while also offering their own biblically informed perspectives on the subjects. Despite rapid global changes, Hesselgrave holds that much of traditional theory, practice, and theology is still valid, if not essential, for the future of Christian missions.

Current and prospective missionaries, pastors, seminary students, missions committee members, and laypeople interested in world Christianity will all benefit from the discussions covered in this book, including:
  • Sovereignty and free will: An impossible mix or a perfect match?
  • Common ground and enemy territory: How should we approach adherents of other faiths?
  • Business as mission: When is it mission and when is it not?
  • Harvest missions and pioneer missions: Discipling the masses or reaching to the margins?

This updated and expanded edition includes five more questions along with new applications and reflections on the ten questions presented in the first edition.

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Keith Eitel
Keith Eitel
Kregel Publications
Keith Eitel
Keith Eitel

Paradigms in Conflict

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Paradigms in Conflict

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