Season of Heartbreak

author: Mark Gregory Karris

binding: Paperback / softback

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"Simply masterful."
-- Dr. Tim Clinton, president of the American Association of Christian Counselors

After a devastating breakup, many people are left heartbroken, lonely, confused, even devoid of hope. Science proves that the grief of losing a romantic partner is similar to grieving a loved one’s death. Yet, too often, friends, family, and church leaders see these breakups as trivial events. So how do we find our way through the uncharted territory of deep grief?

As a therapist and ordained pastor, Mark Karris sees the devastation of heartbreak every day. He’s experienced the anguish of heartbreak himself and he knows that the pain is anything but trivial.

Drawing from cutting-edge neuroscience and liberating spiritual wisdom, Season of Heartbreak moves past platitudes and into action, offering hope for true recovery. Mark pulls from a variety of spiritual practices, including contemplative prayer, journaling, self-compassion, an original four-step transformational practice, and much more. Case studies from real clients prove that it is possible to move past the shame, anger, and hurt--and into secure relationships with God, our community, and ourselves.

Mark writes in a compelling, creative, and compassionate style perfect for a right-brained, metaphor-hungry, and spiritually thirsty generation. Optimistic but never condescending, this is an invaluable guidebook to a healthy, healing grief process.

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Mark Gregory Karris
Kregel Publications
Mark Gregory Karris

Season of Heartbreak

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List Price: $15.99

Season of Heartbreak

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