Ancient Near Eastern Themes in Biblical Theology

author: Jeffrey J. Niehaus

binding: Paperback / softback

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Traces the many parallels between the Old Testament (and Bible as a whole) and the ancient Near East, including creation and flood narratives, common literary and legal forms, supposed acts of deities and the God of the Bible, and more. Instead of merely studying a random selection of parallels, however, Jeffrey Niehaus proposes that they represent "a shared theological structure of ideas in the ancient Near East, a structure that finds its most complete and true form in the Old and New Testaments." This comprehensive and enlightening resource promises to help students and discerning Bible readers to intellectually grasp and appreciate the overarching story of the Bible within its cultural development.

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Jeffrey J. Niehaus
Kregel Publications
Jeffrey J. Niehaus

Ancient Near Eastern Themes in Biblical Theology

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List Price: $21.99

Ancient Near Eastern Themes in Biblical Theology

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List Price: $21.99