Questioning Evangelism

author: Randy Newman

binding: Paperback / softback

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A revolutionary look at sharing Christ with unbelievers by using the probing, provocative, and penetrating method Jesus used to engage others in personal dialogue and caring interaction.

A much-needed look at sharing Christ with unbelievers, based not on the techniques of guerrilla hard-sell tactics, but on engaging questions and caring interaction. Filled with humor and stories, this book provides a challenging yet encouraging look at evangelism in our world today. This volume argues that asking questions and starting meaningful conversations is a far better method for sharing faith than prepared lectures or statements. It gives advice on what people need to hear in response to the world around them.

  • Author was raised Jewish and has a unique, rabbinical outlook on evangelism
  • Encouraging and useful
  • Easy-to-read, conversational style
  • Study guide at the end to aid in teaching and discussion

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Randy Newman
Kregel Publications
Randy Newman

Questioning Evangelism

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List Price: $16.99

Questioning Evangelism

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List Price: $16.99