Beauty Care for the Eyes

author: LeRoy Koopman


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Scripture often uses references to eyesight to symbolize real spiritual vision. Because of sin we are naturally blind to spiritual truth—a condition God corrects when we become Christians. But even then, our spiritual vision is still profoundly clouded by sin. We don't see situations clearly or perceive them accurately. In this enjoyable practical book, LeRoy Koopman suggests that we need the ongoing healing touch of the "Divine Ophthalmologist" if we are to fully experience the beauty of the Christian life.

Ideal for individual or group study, Beauty Care for the Eyes creatively and memorably explores some of the ways God works with us to treat spiritual nearsightedness, farsightedness, color blindness, and other maladies that afflict our spiritual vision. As God removes the specks and dirt and enables us to see things otherwise undistinguishable, our vision continually improves.

The book includes workable suggestions for application in each chapter as well as a guide for small group leaders at the end.

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LeRoy Koopman
Kregel Publications
LeRoy Koopman

Beauty Care for the Eyes

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Beauty Care for the Eyes

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List Price: $12.99