author: Sharon Hodde Miller

binding: Paperback / softback

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Too often we think being a Christian means being nice--putting on an attractive exterior while inside our spirits flounder. We confuse pleasantness with goodness, sweetness with kindness, and likability with true character. We settle for this false virtue in ourselves and in others, more concerned with being liked than being obedient. As a result, we forfeit the fruits of real discipleship in our own lives. Even our witness in the world is damaged as we avoid sharing hard truths with others in favor of only putting forth positive messages that will keep others happy with us.

In this life-changing book, Sharon Hodde Miller calls us to uproot the idols of acceptance, reputation, security, effectiveness, and idealism that keep us chasing after accolades from the world and cause us to bear the ugly fruits of falseness, self-righteousness, cowardice, corruption, and cynicism. Then she helps us prepare the soil of our hearts to bear good fruit so that we can be true followers of Jesus and witnesses to his power, love, and forgiveness to a hurting world.
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Sharon Hodde Miller
Baker Publishing Group
Sharon Hodde Miller


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