Whispers and Wildflowers

author: Sarah Beth Marr

binding: Paperback / softback

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How many of us find ourselves constantly busy and, deep down, constantly soul-weary? By striving to keep up our busy pace, we can easily miss out on a deeper connection with God. So many of us are overwhelmed and underfed. But there is hope.

In this inspiring and practical book, Sarah Beth Marr helps women develop a regular practice of withdrawing from busyness to realign and refresh their hearts, minds, and souls. She helps them

- discover Scripture that will lead them to peace
- connect with God on a deeper level
- run to God rather than other things that do not satisfy
- experience less stress and more contentment
- be fully present in their lives

Any woman who feels distracted, burnt out, depleted, or overwhelmed will find in Marr a gentle and uplifting guide to greater personal peace and simplicity.

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Sarah Beth Marr
Baker Publishing Group
Sarah Beth Marr

Whispers and Wildflowers

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List Price: $15.99

Whispers and Wildflowers

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Stock report: 199 on hand
List Price: $15.99