The Handbook for the End Times

author: Don Finto

binding: Paperback / softback

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Hopeful Message for the Days Ahead from a Bestselling Author

The future of this planet has never looked bleaker . . . or brighter.

The darkest time in all of history, as well as the most brilliant for the people of God, lies before us. Jesus' own words about the wheat and the weeds warn us of this: "Let both grow together until the harvest."

In a hopeful, inspiring call to action, bestselling author and pastor Don Finto challenges believers the world over to become radical, God-empowering, miracle-working, people-rescuing followers of Jesus as the final harvest nears. Delving into Scripture, he shows how we can prepare for the exciting possibilities of the days ahead, including how to press into the light, shine more brightly in the deepening darkness, protect ourselves during the ultimate Passover, watch for the signs of Jesus' return, wrestle for victory, and more!

Evil may be on the rise. But even greater is God's army--and our best days lie ahead.
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Don Finto
Lou Engle
Baker Publishing Group
Don Finto
Lou Engle

The Handbook for the End Times

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List Price: $14.99

The Handbook for the End Times

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Stock report: 197 on hand
List Price: $14.99