What to Do When Life Falls Down Around You

author: Elizabeth B. Brown

binding: Paperback / softback

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In this practical and encouraging book, trusted author Elizabeth B. Brown shows you not only how to survive life's difficulties but how to move beyond them to a place of strength and confidence. Assuring you that you are not alone, Brown helps you face your situation with a sense of hope, find people you can trust to walk alongside you, and move through the most difficult times with strength. You were not made for a life defined by the chaos of crises. You were made to persevere through trouble and come out the other side--stronger.

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Elizabeth B. Brown
Baker Publishing Group
Elizabeth B. Brown

What to Do When Life Falls Down Around You

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List Price: $6.99

What to Do When Life Falls Down Around You

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Stock report: 0 on hand
List Price: $6.99