Staying Power


binding: Paperback / softback

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Too often, when a life crisis hits, a marriage suffers--even a healthy one--and all the personality profiles and couples' therapy in the world won't keep your marriage from experiencing the tough stuff. So how do you and your spouse face the stresses put on your marriage and not only stay together but come out on the other side even more loving and committed?

In Staying Power, two longtime couples offer insights, skills, and clear direction so that you can respond to trials in a way that strengthens rather than weakens your marriage. They show you how to

- handle anger creatively, forgive freely, and persevere together
- nurture one another in powerful ways
- learn new techniques for connecting both verbally and nonverbally in the midst of crisis
- and much more

Don't let financial trouble, infertility, health challenges, parenting cares, addiction of a loved one, or heartbreaking loss destroy your marriage. Instead, learn how through your strong relationship you can overcome all of life's curveballs--together.

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Baker Publishing Group

Staying Power

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Staying Power

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