All the Tales from the Ark

author: Avril Rowlands

binding: Paperback / softback

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Mr. Noah could not sleep. So he lay in bed, listening to the snuffles and grunts of the animals, and he talked to God. "Listen, God, it's not too late. You need a lion tamer for this job, or a big-game hunter, or a zookeeper. And I'm scared of spiders and we've got two on board." Spiders aren't Mr. Noah's only problem. The lion wants to be in charge and then the animals threaten to revolt!

Avril takes a funny and original approach to the familiar Bible story, considering many of the dilemmas Noah might have faced while managing a menagerie on a boat.

One complete story per chapter, forty in all.

"A splendid collection of stories."--Children’s Books of the Year

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Avril Rowlands
Lion Hudson
Avril Rowlands

All the Tales from the Ark

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List Price: $9.99

All the Tales from the Ark

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List Price: $9.99