Bob Hartman's Bible Baddies

author: Bob Hartman

binding: Paperback / softback

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Twenty-one gripping stories about some of the Bible's most infamous villains are retold with Bob Hartman's insight and wit. Some of these tales are funny, others are sinister, and some feature reformed baddies. Their dastardly deeds, pride, ruthlessness, and misuse of power are vividly recreated. There are also “comeuppance” stories and, last but not least, those showing God’s compassion for the worst of baddies. The book features rough-cut pages and French flaps.

Some of the baddies include Pharaoh, David, Jonah, Herod, Zacchaeus, Pilate, Peter, Jacob, Goliath, Judas, and Paul.

"Has the same appeal as the Horrible Histories series and serves as a brilliant introduction to the Bible for children who might otherwise ignore it." —The Bookseller

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Bob Hartman
Lion Hudson
Bob Hartman

Bob Hartman's Bible Baddies

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List Price: $12.99

Bob Hartman's Bible Baddies

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