author: Mike Beaumont

binding: Hardback

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This large-format book provides a highly visual, easy to grasp guide to the contents of the Bible and its background. Each of the fifty-eight double-page spreads, arranged chronologically, contains short chunks of text—both explanatory and thematic— alongside more than two hundred photographs, maps, and diagrams. Each spread also includes a colored band indicating the appropriate Bible book and a timeline which enables the reader to see the historical context of the material. Cross-references are given to related topics elsewhere in the guide.

In addition to the chronological articles, readers will also be able to quickly dip into chapters on key biblical characters and themes while gaining new insight into how the Bible applies to our lives today, making this an ideal reference for all those who wish to explore the rich background and contents of the Bible, especially those who prefer a strong visual approach.

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Mike Beaumont
Lion Hudson
Mike Beaumont

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