The A-Z of C. S. Lewis

author: Colin Duriez

binding: Hardback

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This fascinating volume brings together all aspects of C. S. Lewis’s life and thought. It will delight anyone who is interested in C. S. Lewis and wants to learn more about him. Arranged in alphabetical order, The A–Z of C. S. Lewis begins with The Abolition of Man—a book written in 1943 and described by Lewis as “almost my favorite”—to Wormwood, a character in The Screwtape Letters.

Lewis’s work is widely known and regarded, but enthusiasts are often only aware of one small part—perhaps his children’s stories or his popular theology—and yet he wrote so much more, including science fiction and literary criticism. This is a highly accessible and attractive work that will be referenced time and time again.

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Colin Duriez
Lion Hudson
Colin Duriez

The A-Z of C. S. Lewis

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List Price: $24.95

The A-Z of C. S. Lewis

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