The Lion Guide to the Bible

author: Peter Walker

binding: Hardback

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Accessible, engaging, and authoritative, this handsome hardcover volume is full of color illustrations, maps, and helpful charts, bringing the story of God’s dealings with his people vividly to life.

After a helpful introductory section on the nature and composition of the Bible and how to read it, this volume takes the reader on an illuminating tour through all 66 books of the Bible, sketching the principal themes, detailing the main characters, and highlighting memorable passages or verses from each book. In addition, at the end of each chapter of the Old Testament, some verses from the Psalms have been included, which can be used by the reader as a form of prayer and reflection. For each book of the Bible is not just to be studied, but also to be prayed through.

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Peter Walker
Lion Hudson
Peter Walker

The Lion Guide to the Bible

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List Price: $29.95

The Lion Guide to the Bible

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List Price: $29.95