The Truth Experience Church Resource Collection

author: Josh McDowell

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A start-to-finish kit with everything a church, class, or small group needs:

  1. The Unshakable Truth™ DVD Experience (one 2-disc set) presents Josh and Sean McDowell outlining 12 key truths of Christianity with clear explanations and provocative "on-the-street" interviews. Twelve 15-minute sessions provide focus points for a 12-week course.
  2. Resource DVD-ROM (1 copy) provides ready-to-use media-enhanced sermons and PowerPoint files and also promotional materials: poster, bulletin insert, banner, and more.
  3. The Unshakable Truth™ book (1 copy) gives in-depth perspective needed by group leaders.
  4. The Unshakable Truth™ Study Guide (2 copies) frames small-group interaction.

Content—orthodox, hard-hitting, relevant:

The issue: An entire generation of young Christians—along with millions of older believers—is confused about what they believe, why they believe it, and how it's relevant. Focusing on 12 central doctrines of Christianity, the McDowells help viewers

  • understand God's grand plan of creation, incarnation, and re-creation
  • discover 12 "truth statements" drawn from Scripture and why they're credible
  • experience Christianity's authenticity through real-life examples and interactions

Notable features:

  • Relational group experience. The group study guide launches from Josh and Sean's videos, goes through "TruthTalk" assignments on sharing Christianity's essentials, and provides "Truth Encounter" exercises for living out the key truths.
  • Resources via internet. Josh and Sean's videos, the media-enhanced sermon presentations, and the promotional materials are all available both on the included DVD and CD—and via internet download.
  • Uniquely positioned for today's culture. The Unshakable Truth materials highlight how Christianity's beliefs affect relationships, and they provide a relational, media-enhanced context in which Christians can experience the teaching. A spiritual gold mine for church leaders who want to see long-term church transformation and revitalization!

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Josh McDowell
Sean McDowell
Harvest House Publishers
Josh McDowell
Sean McDowell

The Truth Experience Church Resource Collection

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List Price: $89.99

The Truth Experience Church Resource Collection

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List Price: $89.99