So That All Might Know

author: H. Edward Everding, Jr.

binding: Paperback / softback

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Become a more effective preacher by understanding the multiple intelligences and learning styles present in your congregation.

Most preachers experience the conundrum of reaching some people in the congregation, and not others. Is this problem just a matter of some folks being “tuned in” to the gospel, while others aren’t? Probably not, say Thomas H. Troeger and H. Edward Everding, Jr. Instead, it results from the diverse intelligences and learning styles represented throughout the congregation. A great deal of research in recent years has demonstrated that people receive and process information and communication in wildly different ways. Troeger and Everding use that research to show their readers how to craft the sermon to speak to each of those multiple learning styles each time they step into the pulpit.

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Publication Date:
H. Edward Everding, Jr.
Thomas H. Troeger
Abingdon Press
H. Edward Everding, Jr.
Thomas H. Troeger

So That All Might Know

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So That All Might Know

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