Spiritual Leadership in the Small Membership Church

author: David Canada

binding: Paperback / softback

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Helps small membership church pastors see the spiritual development of their church in ways that tie directly to their own spiritual formation, resulting in a spiritual maturity as evidenced by inclusiveness and hospitality.
The pressures of the church “doing business” often push pastors to the point that they neglect that which is central to all that they and the church are supposed to be doing – spiritual growth or leadership. Too few resources are specifically designed to address this subject from within the context of the small-membership church.  This book will address both of these issues.  Spiritual leadership is defined as the art or practice through which the leader helps others move toward spiritual maturation. It begins with spiritual instincts and moves to spiritual insights to spiritual initiative to spiritual integrity and finally to spiritual inclusiveness.  This book focus on how this process works within the life of the pastor and moves to the life of the small membership church, and includes concrete examples of how the pastor functions as a facilitator of spiritual formation will be given.  Particular attention is given to ways in which the setting of the small-membership church both hinder and encourage spiritual growth.
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David Canada
Abingdon Press
David Canada

Spiritual Leadership in the Small Membership Church

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List Price: $16.99

Spiritual Leadership in the Small Membership Church

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List Price: $16.99